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Eating together is just as important as what you eat.
Between busy schedules, picky eaters and technology distraction, families are eating together less than ever. We are here to help! That’s why we have collected family recipes, time-saving tricks and schedule fixes from real families to share with you!

Take the Pledge to have One More Meal A Week with your Family!

Eat Together, Thrive Together.

Studies show that children who eat dinner with their families:

show an increase
in happiness and confidence

Become 40% more likely to achieve in school.

are 40% more likely
to get better grades in school

Love your loved ones

form better connections
with their loved ones

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Tips & Tricks From Real People

Every family is different, and every family has different time-honored recipes, traditions, time savers, and schedule fixes.

We’ve collected their tips and stories here to share with you. Share your own and join the community!

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    “Finally! A website that actually helps me have dinner with my family. Thanks for the tips, Family Dinner Night!”

    – Jim D.

    Browse our Recipe solutions for your family dinner.


    We have a library of convenient and affordable recipes for families to choose from. Search by healthy options, picky eaters, short cook times and more!

    “Time is the biggest struggle. Family Dinner Night gave me the “how to” to help me get the most of the little time we have.”

    – Michelle S.

    Learn easy ways to create family moments.

    Easy Ways to Create
    Family Moments

    Want to spark a fun conversation, or intro a teachable moment to your children? Check out our list of conversation starters!

    “I forgot how good it felt to laugh around the dinner table. Table Talk starts off as a simple question but it really helped evolve the conversation into something more.”

    – Lynne D.

    Games to Play at the Table

    Choose from our collection of games to play with your family and create your own entertainment for the evening.

    Learn fun games to play at your family dinner

    “I would give anything to be able to get my family back to the table. Its just hard with schedules. We pledged for One More Meal! So far were 3 weeks strong and my family is actually trying to MAKE time for dinner. I love it!”

    – Lynda W.

    Playlists for Listening with Family

    Relax to the blues, teach your kids about classic rock, or jam to what’s popular with their generation. Try our fun and engaging playlists while you cook and eat!

    Relax and check out our family dinner night playlist.
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    It’s not just us,
    see what the experts say

    There are proven benefits to eating together as a family. These clinical and mental health professionals share how eating at the table impacts every facet of your family’s life.

    “Food may be what brings people to the table, but it’s the fun and conversation that makes them want to stay there—and research tells us that this atmosphere is what drives all the benefits of family dinners for children.”

    – Ann Fishel, Harvard Professor, Family Therapist and Founder of the Family Dinner Project

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