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  • Homemade White Elephant


    Break out your crafts, because this holiday season, our “game” is a homemade white elephant. In your free time as a family, have everyone make something fun and holiday themed out of the crafts you have at home. Make a snowman, a reindeer, anything!

    Put your creations in boxes and wrap them (have one parent wrap so most of the family don’t know which gift is in each present).

    Next Family Dinner Night, take turns picking out a gift. What you open is what you get, (as long as it’s not yours!). The next player can either steal your gift, or open the next one. At the end of the game, the first player make choose to swap any of the remaining gifts with theirs.

  • Charades


    Who can resist a time-honored classic game of Charades?
    To play Charades, one person is the actor and the others are guessers. The actor has to act out a word or phrase without speaking. You can let each actor think of their own words, or have a list of ideas ready — there are lots of online charades generators, like this one especially for kid-friendly ideas.

    When they’re ready, the actor holds up their fingers to show how many words are in the correct answer. Then they act out the word or phrase they’ve chosen. The first person to guess correctly gets to act next!

    To make your round of Charades more fun, you can agree on a category first, like “book titles,” “movies” or “animals.”  Or you can get really creative and play Charades about family memories, with each person acting out a memorable moment!

  • Stuck in the Mud


    Another game where you hope for a lucky roll. This game uses four dice and the goal is to NOT roll a five. Every number you roll that is not a five is added up, and the dice that land on five are set aside. Your turn ends when all four of your dice have landed on five. Count up the points from the other numbers and give the dice to the next player. The winner is the first person to reach fifty points.

  • Restaurant Game


    Get the family together to imagine your favorite kind of restaurant, then bring it to life. Do you want to be a chef? Or maybe you’re the customer. Take turns being the server, to keep things fair.

  • Name that Tune


    Sing or hum popular tunes (without the words) and see who can guess the tune first. You can use cartoon theme songs, popular music from the radio, classics, or any other earworm you’ve got stuck in your head!

  • Google Feud


    Teens Henry (16) and Jesse (14) shared the idea of Google Feud as a technology-friendly family dinner activity! While many families have a no-devices-at-the-table rule, technology at dinner doesn’t have to be all bad. If devices are used in a way that promotes family fun and bonding, they can become a bridge between parents and reluctant kids

    Google Feud is an online game based on the popular TV quiz show “Family Feud.” The idea is to compete to see who can come up with the most accurate predictions to finish a Google search term. For example, the online generator might offer the beginning phrase “Kale is …” Then family members have to try to guess the top 10 search terms that finish the sentence. “Kale is … good for you? Kale is … hard to grow? Kale is … bad for you?” It’s much harder than you think!

    Although the online generator has a scoring system built in, to play Google Feud as a family dinner game, you might want to award points to individual family members. One suggestion would be to give 10 points to the person who correctly guesses the top answer for a query.  Then you’d give 9 points for the #2 answer, and so on. The person with the greatest number of points at the end of a round wins!