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  • Two Truths and a Tale


    Ask everyone at the table to say three things about themselves: two true things and one thing that’s made up. The rest of the table will guess which is the tall tale. Sometimes this game is easier if everyone gets a chance to write down their three things before sharing.

  • Family Tree


    Take out a piece of paper and map your family’s tree. Grandparents can start with their parents, and other family members can fill in the blanks from there. Kids can even decorate the tree with leaves and bark!

  • Guess that Category


    Think of 5 things that “belong” to something. For example, a banana, a pair of shoes, a Harry Potter book, a pile of paperclips and a box of flooring. Then have the rest of the table guess what these things belong to (answer: things in the trunk of my car).

    With little kids, you can just ask them outright for a list of things in a category (example: name three things in your bed).

  • Guess that Ingredient


    Ask your diners to guess the ingredients in a new dish. Throw in an offbeat spice or flavor element into a meal with a dash of cinnamon, a splash of lime juice or a squirt of fish sauce. And don’t be surprised if children are better at this game than the adults, since we lose half of our taste buds by age 20!