Google Feud - Family Dinner Night

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Google Feud

Teens Henry (16) and Jesse (14) shared the idea of Google Feud as a technology-friendly family dinner activity! While many families have a no-devices-at-the-table rule, technology at dinner doesn’t have to be all bad. If devices are used in a way that promotes family fun and bonding, they can become a bridge between parents and reluctant kids

Google Feud is an online game based on the popular TV quiz show “Family Feud.” The idea is to compete to see who can come up with the most accurate predictions to finish a Google search term. For example, the online generator might offer the beginning phrase “Kale is …” Then family members have to try to guess the top 10 search terms that finish the sentence. “Kale is … good for you? Kale is … hard to grow? Kale is … bad for you?” It’s much harder than you think!

Although the online generator has a scoring system built in, to play Google Feud as a family dinner game, you might want to award points to individual family members. One suggestion would be to give 10 points to the person who correctly guesses the top answer for a query.  Then you’d give 9 points for the #2 answer, and so on. The person with the greatest number of points at the end of a round wins!