Ashley J - Family Dinner Night


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Ashley J

I’m a Mom with two kids. My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 5. I work a full-time job and then some. Let me tell you the struggle is real. The idea of dinner around the table together is hard enough considering I’m lucky if they eat what’s put in front of them.

I came to realize that the “perfect” dinner isn’t for us, but the time we spend together in the kitchen is. I love to listen to music when I cook the kids their meals and they love to dance along with me. The Family Dinner Night Spotify Decades playlist is my go to! (The 80’s is still cool okay)! My kids love to be with me in the kitchen, my little boy (the youngest) loves to watch his favorite meatballs go into the pan when I’m cooking. Bonus, they only take like 10 minutes … SCORE for Mom!!

By the time we sit down to actually eat its nothing but happy laughs and giggles.